viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

vintage child style*

hi guys!! how are you?Are you ready for christmas time?
hohohoho Santa is coming!!!hehehe
Here is a little "vintage" for kids!!
The leather jacket is a aviator style, with a basic trouser , and very important for this season, the leather suede boots!!!on red color!!so perfect!!

I wish you enjoy it!!!Happy christmas!!!



martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

*Red Is Life*

Caroline Sieberlikes to dress in red, is a stylist, socialite and one woman who holds the undeniable and enviable gift of being born to wear red.
 It has become an ambassador for Chanel and it one of the it girls to the moment.  So she went to a parade of fashion week in Paris.

Of Halton Heritage. Price: 235

                                            Dior Apparât. Precio: 22 €

From:Vogue online

Tuesday and 13 ...Good luck to everybody!!



domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

"Fashion Blogger Day" en Coruña The Style Outlets

 Yesterday I had the honor of going to the blogger meeting  in "the Style Outlets Coruña"!
 Actually I liked the experience, especially the advice and experiences the Silvia, of blog "Barbatac." I have to say that I greatly admire your work and your dedication is incredible!

 Yesterday was my first encounter blogger, so I was very nervous, I was too embarrassed to be there as the "new" hehehe but I met many people with different styles, people working at the mall are lovely, I thank especially to the magazine "Galicia de moda", treated us very well, just thanks!

 Here I leave the pictures of my outfit! and the souvenirs that made us the mall shops, thanks to all of them!
my gift, of the shop "hush puppies"
the accreditation
the gift, of the shop "la perfumeria". Blue fragance of adolfo dominguez.
the gift, of the shop "Truco". This is a shop bag, also a mirror.
now, my outfit!

enjoy it!!!xoxo

os blogueiros de moda

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jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Welcome louboutin!!

Good news!!!!
 C. Louboutin open its first store online   in Europe, in early 2012!

 The news came to light in this way:

 "Loboutin is about to inaugurate its first online boutique in Europe. Exciting times are ahead of e-shopping and red soles"

 European women get ready for the e-shopping, for the best shoes in the world!
 Let's start the year treading in  " RED "!!!!

good e-shopping!

 and Merry Christmas!!

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011


hiiiii againnnn!!!!!
 I'm back of Madrid again! every day I have more desire to stay there!
 Well here I present my outfit for the  HUNTERS GREEN boots, are my favorite!
 I hope u like my walk in the "parque del retiro"!! I have made many shopping!see u later! kisses!!

 madrid is life, madrid is so good!!!