martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Leather shorts

Here I am!
 as I have said .... the Donatella Versace's collection for H & M... very poor!the versace essence´s is easily  seen! but I think that has left much to be desired! people carrying bags  and bags and I was wondering, is it really? Are you buying something from the collection?  ... the truth .... I ´m extremely disappointed!
 Two years ago, I saw Jimmy Choo collection for H & M!! I was lucky to see it in NY city, and found it very nice! this time ..... H & M and Donatella, left me wanting to buy something!!
 Well! I've also seen the movie in the Twilight saga, "breaking dawn" ... It´s been crazy! What is happening to the world? but one week in Madrid incredible! I went to some places! AMAZING!! but soon I will return hahahahah
 Here I present my outfit with my favorite winter garment! My black leather pants! Vintage vintage! I love it! I hope you enjoy it! was my outfit to go c / Serrano.

 Enjoy the week, guys!!


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