viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011


OMG! How long has it been since you last updated????
 yes!!! I'm still alive!!! lol
 I've been busy with a lot of designs around me! which I want to show you soon and I hope you enjoy it! ^ _ ^ I am working alot of to expand my collection of designs, is a non-stop! needle and thread here and there,  ..... STRESS! but worth it!
 I admit that I love sewing, it's something I've lived since I was a baby! I am therefore perfected my skills! so that the wait will be rewarded!

 Here I leave you with a little of rock style! and I promise to update these days with the introduction of new designs!

                                                          FUCK TIME!!

                                        "salvatore ferragamo"leather bag
                                              "pepe jeans"denim skirt
                                             ...and my yorkers shoes"

This is one of my first designs that many people already know ...MADE OF PAPER! is very sweet!


PS: The photo camera is one of many in my collection!hihihi....<3

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